Giving Fossil Fuel A Black Eye

How To Make Gas Edition

The American Economy took a major blow when Gas prices first started to sky rocket. Everything from food to clothes was affected by the huge jump in fuel prices, But now people have been giving the Gas pump a “black eye”, according to Marshey writings Hybrid technology and new fuel sources have now surfaced allowing the American Economy to cope with change. She says we should be grateful because  in other countries you have to pay 10 dollars a gallon in American Money.

What could new Technical Advances Mean For The Whole World? “With hybrid cars as the first step we also started to see E85, and Bio Diesel fuels but not much money is saved buying it from a gas station. Your best bet is to make your own gas at home. You can easily learn how to make E85 and Bio diesel at home but the question is, “do people have the time to undergo the process needed to make it?” You can even learn how to run your on water! But you have to learn how to make a hydrogen cell or you can buy a ready made cell.

If you want to learn how to make gasoline at home check out “Gas Money” It shows you how to make Bio Diesel, Hydrogen Cells, E85, and Gasohol. You can get it in print or you can download it instantly. Check it out at

How to make gasoline


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